Our Broodstock

Our Koi: The Broodstock

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity that we did to purchase a wonderful collection of imported Japanese Koi to start our breeding program with! The colours and conformation of many of our fish really excite us. We have seen how strong they have been in exhibiting their genetic prepotentcy for these qualities in the limited breedings we did at our previous location. We have now placed our trust in Andrew Hoag of Koi Valley Canada to spawn and raise Koi for us. We are so pleased that Andy has selected some of our wonderful Oyagoi (breeder/parent Koi) to be included in his breeding program. Thanks Andy!!! We cannot wait to build proper containment here at our current facility to allow us to once again do our own spawns.


Koi Nursery butterfly oyagoi

Koi Nursery broodstock

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