Koi for sale

Why buy Canadian bred Koi?

Our fish are bred and raised on site; the benefits of purchasing our Koi are many:

  • They are produced out of quality imported Japanese breeding stock which are available for viewing on site.
  • The Koi are hard water raised and acclimatized to our weather conditions.
  • They have not suffered the stress of long hours of transit from some of the traditional sources for Koi.
  • Any of the fish we have bred that are older than one year have survived our winter conditions.
  • We are responsible ethical breeders who take pride in our livestock.
  • We are here to support you with quality products and services and to do our best to ensure your ponding experience is a pleasurable one!

Domestic Koi Pricing

Regular Koi   Butterfly Koi  
Size in inches Decorative Size in inches Decorative
2-4 9.99 CAD 2-4 12.99 CAD
4-6 17.99 CAD 4-6 19.99 CAD
6-8 29.99 CAD 6-8 34.99 CAD
8-10 59.99 CAD 8-10 74.99 CAD
10-12 99.99 CAD 10-12 129.99 CAD
12 & up 149.99 & up 12 & up 199.99 & up