We carry a variety of quality Koi food brands and their various formulas.

If we don’t have the food you normally feed your Koi let us know what brands you prefer and we will do our best to bring it in for you!


Fish, like all creatures, need food to survive. All Aquascape fish foods contain probiotics that aid in digestion, optimize growth rates and reduce fish waste. Quality ingredients, including multivitamins and stabilized vitamin C provide superior nutrition and will not pollute the pond water. Aquascape fish foods are scientifically formulated to provide all pond fish, including Koi and Goldfish with premium quality nutrition at an affordable price.



Goldfish and Koi Food All Season & Wheat Germ Spirulina Laguna Goldfish & Koi Food is advanced quality floating fish food formulated to provide superior nutrition while reducing organic waste. It is made with only the highest quality ingredients and contains no corn or corn starches.


Raising fish in a backyard pond can be an enriching experiencing yet the animals and environment in which you raise them are subject to all the same factors and conditions that impact commercial aquaculture operations. There is no substitute for a basic understanding of pond dynamics and fish interactions with these systems and likewise there is no substitute for a high quality feed. Consistent nutrition designed to minimize water pollution and maximize animal health is critical to ensuring a healthy population of fish and a stable pond. Quality feeds and careful feeding practices are the keystone to a stable and healthy pond environment. Zeigler is a leader in providing commercial aquaculture production the products it requires and this experience translates to superior products for the recreational pond owner.


A great way to really interact with your Koi is to teach them how to hand feed! Hand feeding is easily taught. With a little patience and time on your part your pets will be eagerly nibbling pellets or Koi Treats right from your hands in no time.

Koi are naturally afraid of anything that they think could do them harm. Many Koi will over come their fear of humans as they quickly learn to associate people with food! To start training your Koi, stop broadcasting their pellets across the surface of the water, instead you stoop down at the edge of the pond, with a few pellets in your hand, lower it into the water and slowly release the pellets. Eventually the boldest of the Koi will dart over and eat the food enticing the others to follow. Repeat the process until their regular amount has been fed. Continue this feeding practice until all the Koi are readily eating the pellets as they release from your hand. Then instead of releasing the pellets cup your hand and prevent them from floating away, eventually again the boldest of your Koi will take the pellets from your hand and eventually once again the others will follow. If the others still resist, don’t relent and feed them in the normal way. They will not suffer from a missed meal or two. Wait until the next feeding time and try again, being patient and allow time for the shyer Koi to approach and eat. They will come around soon enough. The next step would be to offer a pellet at a time from between your index finger and thumb. It will be no time at all that they will all greedily suck at your fingers looking for food! Of course once they are trained you can go back to broadcasting method of feeding and hand feed when you have the time.


Remember in the fall as water temperatures start to drop it is best to switch to a Spring/Fall diet and once the water temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius you should stop feeding your fish completely. A Koi is a cold blooded creature and its metabolism is directly affected by water temperature. Once the water starts to cool down their digestive system slows down as well and they require no food through the hibernation period over winter.

A pond thermometer is a wonderful way to keep track of your pond temperature so you can accurately gauge the number of times to feed, the amounts and of what formula to use to best fulfill your Koi nutritional needs through out the year.